• Yank Barry: One Billion Meals and Counting

  • Posted on December 15, 2016
  • Many years ago, Yank Barry started out in the music industry. For 30 years or so, he was a singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and publisher, which would have been more than enough career for almost anyone else. However, Yank was just getting started. . After his music career, he became a very successful food entrepreneur and executive with Vitapro.

    However, two successful careers wasn’t enough for Yank Barry. As he traveled the world for business, he saw people living in some of the worst conditions imaginable, and Yank decided that he wanted to do more. that Yank Berry chose to move in a third direction with his life, which is why he is now considered a world-class philanthropist. His work with his global hunger initiative, The Global Village Champions Foundation, has served up more than one billion meals to hungry people throughout the world over two decades.

    The Yank Barry approach to philanthropy tends to be more personal than most, in that he and his wife Yvette do a lot of the hardest work themselves; they don’t just write a check and let someone else do it. Working closely with local agencies and NGOs worldwide, he has been able to help people in politically unstable areas where few others would bother to go.

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